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TF-Luna is a single-point ranging LiDAR, based on the TOF (Time of Flight) principle. It is mainly used for stable, accurate and high-frame-rate range detection.


  • Compact Size for easy deployment in LIDAR projects
  • Low Power Consumption for longer usage periods
  • Light Weight Design ideal for UAV applications
  • High Frame Rate Range Detection through high stability and accuracy
  • In-built Algorithms to suit for various application environments
  • Adjustable configurations and parameters for complex application scenarios
  • Easy Firmware Upgradability via the TTL-USB connection with PC



TF-Luna is a single-point ranging LiDAR, based on the TOF (Time of Flight) principle. It is mainly used for stable, accurate and high-frame-rate range detection.

This LiDAR is built with algorithms adapted to suit various application environments and offers excellent distance measurement performances in complex application fields and scenarios.

It also supports two interfaces for communication: UART and I2C and the configurations and parameters on this LiDAR can be adjusted according to your application needs.

How does this LiDAR work?

TF-Luna is based on TOF, namely, Time of Flight principle. It emits modulation waves of near-infrared rays on a periodic basis, which will be reflected after contact with an object. The LiDAR obtains the time of flight by measuring the round-trip phase difference and then calculates the relative distance between the LiDAR and the detected object.


If you want to learn more about LiDAR sensors, please visit our blog What is a LiDAR Sensor? – Technology, Uses, Projects for more details and explore the world of LiDAR!


  Parameter Parameter Value
Product Performance Operating range 0.2m~8m(90%reflectivity)
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2m-3m)
Distance resolution 1cm
Frame rate 100Hz
Ambient light immunity 70Klux
Operation temperature -10℃~60℃
Enclose rating /
Optical Parameters Light source VCSEL
Central wavelength 850nm
Photobiological safety Class1(IEC60825)
FOV (Field of View)
Electrical Parameters Supply voltage 5V±0.1V
Average current ≤70mA
Power consumption ≤0.35W
Peak current 150mA
Communication level LVTTL(3.3V)
Communication interface UART / I2C
Others Dimension 35mm*21.25mm*13.5mm (L*W*H)
Housing ABS+PC
Storage temperature -20℃~75℃
Weight <5g


  • Robot Obstacle Avoidance
  • UAV Obstacle Avoidance
  • UAV Altitude Holding
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Level Measurement
  • Smart City
  • Industrial

Different LiDAR Modules Offered by Seeed Studio

The following table illustrates a comparison between the different LiDAR modules offered by us.

  TF-Luna TFmini-S TFmini Plus
Operating Range 0.2m -8m
0.1 m-12m
0.1 m-12m
Frame Rate 1-125Hz 1-1000Hz 1-1000Hz
Distance Resolution 1cm 1cm 1cm
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2m-3m)
±6cm@(0.1 m-6m)
FOV 3.6°
Laser Wavelength 850nm 850nm 850nm
Light Sensitivity 70Klux 70 Klux 70 Klux
Output Data Single-point,
distance value
distance value
distance value
Communication Interface UART, I2C UART, I2C,I/O UART, I2C,I/O
Supply Voltage 5V±0.1V 5V±0.1V 5V±0.5V
Power Consumption ≤0.35W ≤0.7W 550mW
Peak current 150mA 800mA 500mA
Operating Temperature -10°C~60°C 0°C~60°C -20°C~60°C
Laser Safety Class Class1(IEC60825) Class1 (IEC60825) Class1 (IEC60825)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 35*21.2*12.5mm 42*15*16mm 35*18.5*21 mm
Weight 5g±0.3g 5g±0.3g 12g±1g
Enclosure Rating N/A N/A IP65


Parts List

1 x TF-Luna LiDAR Module 
1 x 6-Pin Communication Cable


HSCODE 9031900090
USHSCODE 9026104000
EUHSCODE 9013101000
CE 1
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
Part Number TF-Luna
Manufacturer Benewake
Weight (KG) 0.010000
Measuring Range 8 Meter
Product Availability In Stock
Sampling Rate NA
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