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UPS Hat for LattePanda 3 Delta / 2 Alpha / 2 Delta Single Board Computer

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Have you ever been disrupted by a sudden power outage while working? If so, the LattePanda UPS Hat is your best choice!

The LattePanda UPS Hat is compatible with the LattePanda 2 Alpha, Delta, and 3 Delta pins and can be installed directly. It uses three 18650 lithium-ion batteries as UPS storage batteries and supports power supply through both TypeC PD and 5.5mm DC interfaces. When the external power supply is interrupted, the UPS Hat will automatically switch to battery power, ensuring that your LattePanda is not damaged by a sudden power outage.

Most importantly, our UPS Hat supports the HID-UPS protocol, which can be recognized as a battery device in the operating system. You can use system power management to implement power-saving modes and automatic shutdown functions, just like using an internal laptop battery. Moreover, the HID-UPS protocol is implemented through Arduino, and the code is open source. You can edit a more accurate battery power algorithm by yourself, and you can also set the charging voltage limit to extend the battery life.

When the UPS Hat uses the battery, the three 18650 batteries directly power the LattePanda, without any extra boost or buck circuit consuming energy, so the battery life can last up to 8 hours, allowing your LattePanda to hold on until the power is restored. (Tested with three 3.7V 3400mA·h 18650 lithium-ion batteries paired with a LattePanda 3 Delta.)



Due to transportation safety restrictions, the UPS Hat does not include 18650 lithium batteries, and you need to purchase 3.7V 18650 lithium batteries separately.

Figure: Interfaces of LattePanda Alpha & Delta UPS Hat



Figure: Functional Block Diagram of LattePanda Alpha & Delta UPS Hat


Installation Steps

Note: Do not install the lithium battery before the UPS Hat is in place

Step 1. Align the UPS power interface side with the LattePanda TypeC/RJ45/HDMI interface side


Step 2. Insert the UPS Hat into the LattePanda


Step 3. Check that the pins are fully inserted in order, without any floating or bent pins.

To reserve space for heat dissipation and ventilation, the UPS Hat pins are longer. The figure shows the appearance after the installation is in place.


Step 4. After checking the installation, install the 18650 lithium battery, paying attention to the positive and negative directions.


  • Power supply for computing devices


  • Power supply interface:

    USB Type-C PD protocol
            Voltage requirement: 15V
            Power requirement: ≥30W

    DC Jack 5.5x2.1mm
            Voltage requirement: 4.5~24V
            Power requirement: ≥30W

  • Battery type: 3.7V 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • Charging current: 1A
  • Compatible LattePanda Development boards:
            LattePanda 3 Delta
            LattePanda 2 Alpha
            LattePanda 2 Delta
  • Operating temperature: 0~60℃

Shipping List

  • LattePanda Alpha & Delta UPS Hat x1
Part Number DFR0682
Manufacturer DFRobot
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Packing Unit 1 Piece
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