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LED Diode Green SMD 0805 567nm-570nm

Quantity: 960
  • Clear Green Output
  • arrowIdeal for Power or Charging Indication LED on PCB
  • arrowStandard SMD 0805 Size
  • arrowRoHS Compliant
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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating Free Air Temperature:

0°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature Range:

-65°C to +150°C


Electrical Characteristics

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Vf Forward Voltage Vcc=Min, Ii=-20mA 1.6 2.0 2.4 V
Vr Reverse Voltage Vcc=Min, Ioh=MAX, Vil=MAX     5.0 V
Ir Reverse Current Vr=5V     10 µA
If Max DC Forward Current Vcc=Min, Iol=MAX, Vih=MAX     25 mA
Ipeak Peak DC Forward Current Vcc=Min, Iol=MAX, Vih=MAX     100 mA
Pd Max Power Dissipation Vcc=Max, Vi=5.5V     80 mW
  Typical Viewing Angle     120   Deg
  Typical Luminous Intensity   8 20   MCD
  Dominant Wavelength Vcc=Max, If=20mA   640   nm
Part Number SMDLED0805GREEN
Weight (KG) 0.000100
Product Availability In Stock
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