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High Speed JTAG Programmer Downloader JTAG-SMT2

Quantity: 10
High Speed JTAG Programming Cable USB Platform USB Download Cable Support ISE14.1 or up

High Speed JTAG Programming Cable USB Platform USB Download Cable Support ISE14.1 or up

The target device download clock can be selected, and the XILINX software can be automatically adjusted
Adopt special wide voltage level conversion and interface chip, the isolation is fully integrated to avoid the burning of the chip caused by the charged plug
Double color LED status indicator, orange indicates that the download and PC connection are normal, green indicates that the target board power supply is already supplied and connected with the loader
Interface switch board, adopt anti-anti-insert design
Adopt JTAG-SMT2 solution

Package Includes:

1 x Newest platform cable USB
1 x 10-pin 2.54mm pitch 15cm flat cable
1 x 14-pin 2.0mm pitch 15cm flat cable
1 x 14-pin 2.54mm pitch 15cm flat cable
1 x 7-pin fly duppont cables
1 x Adapter plate
1 x 6-pin cable
1 x USB cable


Product features

  • Note: this newest Download Cable supports ISE14.1 or UP, "Digilent USB JTAG Cable" needed, if you do not know how to download the Driver, please contact us
  • Fully compatible with XILINX Digilent High Speed JTAG SMT2 design production, seamless support of ISE13.1(XILINX plug-in support), ISE14.1+ version of the original driver, impact, Chipscope, EDK, Vivado
  • Based on XILINX Digilent JTAG SMT2 high-speed download module circuit design. Supports XP, Windows 7/32bit and Windows 7 64bit systems and Linux systems
  • Support device: Xilinx FPGAs, Xilinx Zynq - 7000, Xilinx CoolRunner / CoolRunner - II CPLDs, Xilinx Platform Flash ISP configuration PROMs, Select the third - party SPI PROMs, Select the third - party BPI PROMs
  • Automatic detection and adaption of target I/O voltage, supports the devices using 5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5 V, 1.8V and 1.5V interface
Part Number JTAG-SMT2
Manufacturer Made in China
Weight (KG) 0.150000
Product Availability In Stock
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