Siglent Dual Channel Function Generator SDG1025 (25MHz)

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Siglent Dual Channel Function Generator SDG1025 (25MHz)
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The SDG1025 features maximum output frequency of 25 MHz and is capable of generating several different wave types that can be output using the dual-channels integrated into the device.Siglent’s SDG1000 range of function generators also come with a full-colour built in screen that can be used to accurately track waveforms generated and make adjustments as necessary using the large selection of function buttons to the right of the screen. The full colour of the screen makes it easy to track two waveforms being output at the same time as different waves are assigned different colours.The sampling rate of the SDG1025 is 125msa/s, it has wave length of 16kpts, frequency resolution 1µHz and vertical resolution of 14 bits. It also includes modulation functions for AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep and Burst as well as a frequency counter between 100mHz and 200mHz.


  1. Sine Wave - 1µHz – 25MHz
  2. Square Wave - 1µHz – 25MHz
  3. Pulse - 500µHz – 5MHZ
  4. Ramp – 1µHz – 300KHz
  5. Gaussian White Noise – 25MHz bandwidth (-3db)
  6. Arbitrary Wave - 1µHz – 5Mhz
  7. Maximum output frequency: 25MHz
  8. Output channels: 2
  9. Sampling rate: 125 MSa/s
  10. Wave length: 16 kpts
  11. Frequency resolution: 1 μHz
  12. Vertical resolution: 14 bits
  13. Waveform: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, 48 types of built-in arbitrary waveforms.
  14. Modulation function: AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep, Burst
  15. Frequency counter: 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz
  16. Standard configuration: USB Host & Device
  17. Optional port: USB-GPIB adapter
  18. Size: 229mm×105mm×281mm


  1. Datasheet.


  1. 1 X Siglent Dual Channel Function Generator SDG1025 (25MHz)
Weight (KG) 3.400000
Manufacturer Siglent
Power 100~240 VACRMS, 45~66Hz,CATII
Channel Amount 2
DC Voltage (V) NA
AC Voltage(V) NA
AC Current (A) NA
DC Current (A) NA
Operating Voltage NA
Inductance NA
Capacitance (F) NA
Resistance (Ω) NA
Range 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz
Target Distance NA
Frequency 25MHz
Test Parameters NA
Frequency Response 1 μHz
Measurement Mode Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, 48 types of built-in arbitrary waveforms
Display Count 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display
Output Impedance 50Ω(typical)
Duty Cycle 0.1% Resolution
Temperature Range (Min) 0°C
Temperature Range (Max) 40°C
USB/RS232 Interface No
True RMS (TRMS) No
Auto Range No
Manual Range No
Diode Test No
Transistor Test No
Continuity Test No
Bluetooth Interface No
Low Battery Indication No
Relatively Measuring No
Data Hold No
Min-Max / Peak Hold No
Auto Power-off No
Overload Protection No
Shockproof Protection Yes
Backlight No
"Analogue" Bargraph No
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