CIROCOMM GPS Module NEO-7M-C with UART Interface

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CIROCOMM GPS Module NEO-7M-C with UART Interface
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  1. Use NEO-7M module comes with high-gain active antenna
  2. TTL level compatible with 3.3V / 5V systems
  3. 9600
  4. Comes IPX interface, you can connect a variety of active antenna
  5. Built-in rechargeable backup battery, you can power down to save ephemeris data to achieve hot start.




  1. Operating voltage: 2.7V-5.0V (VCC pin input)
  2. Working Current: 35mA
  3. TXD / RXD Impedance: 510
  4. VCC: pick 3.3V / 5V
  5. GND: GND connection
  6. TXD: pick MCU.RX
  7. RXD: pick MCU.TX
  8. PPS: pick MCU.IO clock pulse output (do not take).




  1. Interface features: TTL level compatible with 3.3V / 5V microcontroller system
  2. Reception characteristics: 56 channels, GPS L1 (1575.42Mhz) C / A code, SBAS: WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS
  3. Positioning accuracy: 2.5mCEP (SBAS: 2.0mCEP)
  4. Update rate: maximum 10Hz (default 1HZ)
  5. Acquisition Time: Cold start: 27S (fastest) 
    Hot Start: 1S
  6. Capture tracking sensitivity: -162dBm
  7. Oscillator: TCXO (+/- 0.5PPM)
  8. Communication Protocol: NMEA (default) / UBX Binary
  9. Serial communication baud rate: 9600
  10. Working temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius


  1. GPS Navigator
  2. Quadcopter positioning




  1. 1 X UART NEO-7M-C Serial GPS Module


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