TSI: VelociCalc Multi-Function Ventilation Meter With Pressure Sensor - 9565-P

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Measures velocity, temperature, humidity, differential pressure, barometric pressure and has inputs for two K alloy thermocouples. Includes a straight, telescopic probe and data logging.

Product Details

The VelociCalc® Multi-Function Ventilation Meter 9565 features a menu-driven user interface for easy operation in your local language. On-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions guide the user through instrument setup, operation and field calibration.

The 9565 also features an ergonomic, over-molded case design with probe holder and a keypad lockout to prevent tampering during unattended use. The 9565 model includes the Straight Air Velocity Probe 964 and is designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes.

Specifications & Description

  • Max Air Velocity (ft/min)
  • Min Air Velocity (ft/min)
  • Air Velocity Resolution
1 ft/min (0.01 m/s)
  • Air Velocity Accuracy
±3% of reading or ±3 ft/min (0.05 m/s) (whichever is greater)
  • Number Of Temperature Channels
  • Min Temperature (° F)/(° C)
  • Max Temperature (° F)/(° C)
  • Data Logging
  • Data Storage (samples)
26,500 samples and 100 test IDs
  • Logging Intervals
1 second to 1 hour
  • Dimensions (WxHxL) (in)
4x2x8 (in)
  • Description
VelociCalc Ventilation Meter with differential pressure sensor
Two year warrantyConformite Europeenne

Key Features

  • Bluetooth® printer capability
  • Manual or continuous data logging
  • Displays up to 5 measurements simultaneously
  • Log up to 26,500 samples and 100 test IDs
  • Comes with NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by manufacturer

More About this Item

The TSI series of portable, handheld, multi-function ventilation test instruments — available with or without a differential pressure sensor — is designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes. The probes allow you to make various measurements by simply plugging in a different probe that has the features and functions best suited for a particular application. They are designed to measure air velocity, temperature, humidity, CO and CO2. Probes feature a "SMART" plug-in connection that stores all the calibration data, so a new probe can be ordered at any time without the need of recalibrating the meter.

The meter can perform calculations for air flow, heat flow, turbulence, wet bulb and dew point temperature — then data can be downloaded to a PC or portable printer for analysis. Statistics function displays number of recorded samples, average, and Min/Max. Display automatically stabilizes while measuring in fluctuating flow applications. Backlit display allows easy viewing in low-lit areas.

Multi-Function Ventilation Meter with Pressure, and Dataloging (Probes Sold Separately)


  • HVAC testing and balancing
  • Clean room testing
  • Biological safety cabinet and laboratory fume hood testing
  • HVAC commissioning and troubleshooting
  • IAQ investigations
  • Thermal comfort studies
  • Ventilation evaluations
  • Process air flow testing

Included items:

  • 9565 instrument
  • 964 probe (Optional)
  • Static pressure Tip (1)
  • Tubing, 8 ft. (2.4 m) (Not Included)
  • USB cable with LogDat2™ and TrakPro™ downloading software
  • Hard carrying case
  • Four alkaline batteries
  • Operation and service manuals
  • Calibration certificate (Not Included) Provide on Additional Cost

Features and benefits

  • Straight Air Velocity Probe 964 measure air velocity, temperature and relative humidity
  • Includes differential pressure sensor
  • Best-in-class air velocity accuracy
  • Optional “smart” plug-in probes, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes
  • Accommodates up to two K-alloy thermocouples
  • Large graphic display
    • Displays up to five measurements simultaneously
    • On-screen messages and instructions
    • Program for local language
  • Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup
  • Multiple data logging formats
  • Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling
  • Includes TrakPro™ and LogDat2™ downloading software with USB cable
Part Number 9565-P
Manufacturer TSI/Alnor
Weight (KG) 5.000000
Packing Unit 1pc
Product Availability In Stock
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