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TerAsic: DE10-Nano Cyclone V SE SoC Development Kit - P0496

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The DE10-Nano Development Kit presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Intel System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA, which combines the latest dual-core Cortex-A9 embedded cores with industry-leading programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility. Users can now leverage the power of tremendous re-configurability paired with a high-performance, low-power processor system. Altera’s SoC integrates an ARM-based hard processor system (HPS) consisting of processor, peripherals and memory interfaces tied seamlessly with the FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. The DE10-Nano development board is equipped with high-speed DDR3 memory, analog to digital capabilities, Ethernet networking, and much more that promise many exciting applications.

The DE10-Nano Development Kit contains all the tools needed to use the board in conjunction with a computer that runs the Microsoft Windows XP or later.

The DE10-Nano board has many features that allow users to implement a wide range of designed circuits, from simple circuits to various multimedia projects.

The following hardware is provided on the board:

FPGA Device

  • Intel Cyclone® V SE 5CSEBA6U23I7  device (110K LEs)
  • Serial configuration device  – EPCS64 (revision B2 or later)
  • USB-Blaster II onboard for programming; JTAG Mode
  • HDMI TX, compatible with DVI 1.0 and HDCP v1.4
  • 2 push-buttons
  • 4 slide switches
  • 8 green user LEDs
  • Three 50MHz clock sources from the clock generator
  • Two 40-pin expansion headers
  • One Arduino expansion header (Uno R3 compatibility), can be connected with Arduino shields
  • One 10-pin Analog input expansion header (shared with Arduino Analog input)
  • A/D converter, 4-pin SPI interface with FPGA

* If the specification of memory device in Quick Start Guide and official website is discordant, refer to DE10-Nano website as the sole stardard.

HPS (Hard Processor System)

  • 800MHz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor
  • 1GB DDR3 SDRAM (32-bit data bus)
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet PHY with RJ45 connector
  • USB OTG Port, USB Micro-AB connector
  • Micro SD card socket
  • Accelerometer (I2C interface + interrupt)
  • UART to USB, USB Mini-B connector
  • Warm reset button and cold reset button
  • One user button and one user LED
  • LTC 2x7 expansion header

Block Diagram of the DE10-Nano Board



Package Content:

  1. DE10-Nano Board
  2. DE10-Nano Quick Start Guide
  3. Type A to Mini-B USB Cable x1
  4. Type A to Micro-B USB Cable x1
  5. Power DC Adapter (5V)
  6. microSD card (installed)
  7. Four Silicon Footstands

The accessories might not look exactly the same as shown on this webpage


Connectivity Applications:

  • Connect Arduino


  • Connect LTC2607 (AD/DA Daugher Card)







  • Size:68.6x107mm 

DE10-Nano Board Mechanical Layout


Board Feature x-axis (mm) y-axis (mm)
5V DC 2.79 53.47
HDMI 0.42 36.46
USB Blaster II 0.83 18.86
2x20 GPIO 20.05 61.34
2x20 GPIO 20.05 0.89
LTC 92.16 63.09
USB OTG 101.96 53.98
UART to USB 99.49 39.56
Ethernet 93.08 16.75
2x5 ADC Header 95.01 1.14
Arduino* Header 21.45 55.25
Arduino* Header 48.37 55.25
Arduino* Header 30.59 6.99
Arduino* Header 53.45 6.99
Arduino* Header 68.69 34.93
















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