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Temperature Switch Thermostat JUC-31F

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Temperature Switch Thermostat JUC-31F

The product is a sensor of belonging to touch-type plastic Snap temperature thermostat ,the adoption of international TO220/Y220 standard package ,the product has high reliability ,sensitive and accurate ,small size ,light weight ,very easy to install and so on , very suitable for PCB circuit board / heat equipment/ power device.


  1. Contact load: 220VAC 1A or 24VDC 3A
  2. Temperature range: 0 ℃ -130 ℃ (each 5 ℃ one specifications)
  3. Contact type: normally closed (-D) or normally open (-H) two kinds of
  4. Packages: TO-220 metal plate
  5. Contact resistance: ≤ 50mΩ
  6. Insulation value: ≥100MΩ (500VDC)
  7. Dielectric strength: 1500V / DC , 60Hz
  8. Standard tolerance: ± 5 ℃
  9. Working temperature: -55 ℃ - 160 ℃ (short-time maximum temperature: 260 ℃ 10 sec)


  1. JUC-31F thermostat is applicable to Electric equipment, electric product, household appliance, the protection of temperature control, thermal overload in circuit board, Communication power supply , switching power supply,UPS power supply, medical power supply, fire power ,the module power supply ,audio amplifier equipment, various types of rechargeable devieces, rectifiers, inverters, welding equipment ,aerospace instrumentation electronic equipment , automation equipment ,military, Commercial product temperature control or temperature protection. 


  1. Datasheet.


  1. 1 X Temperature Switch Thermostat JUC-31F
Part Number JUC-31F
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