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Striveday™: 26 AWG 1007 Tinned Copper Jumper Wire Kit

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Has excellent high temperature resistance, low temperature performance, with excellent resistance to high pressure, anti- aging, high temperature, acid, long service life.
  • Product Name : 1007 Wire; Wire Type :26AWG box-1;
  • Material : PVC , Tinning Copper; 
  • Voltage Rating: 300 Volts ,Rated temperature: 0 C - 80 C 
  • Wire Length :10M / 33Ft each color
  • External Color : Black red blue green yellow


  • Rated temperature: 0 C - 80 C
  • Rated voltage: 300V
  • Insulation: PVC

Instructions for use:

Insulating silicon rubber, color: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, translucent and so on.
Widely used in high-temperature line environment lighting, household appliances, electric appliances, instrumentation, electrical wiring and electronics, lamps, and so on.

* Hook up wire is used in a variety of general-purpose electrical applications.

* Stranded copper wire provides good electrical connectivity while PVC insulation protects the wire against abrasion, chemicals, oils, and solvents.

* The wire conforms to UL and MIL-spec specifications, and provides excellent uniformity for easy processing, stripping, and terminating.

* Long service life , long life, environment-friendly

* Available in Black, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey Green & Yellow Color.

*Good ideal for DIY decoration
Part Number 1007-26AWG-BOX1
Weight (KG) 0.300000
Packing Unit 1pc
Product Availability In Stock
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