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Stripline Coupler Resistor 50Ω (500W)

Quantity: 1
Stripline Coupler Resistor 50Ω (500W)


  1. High power rating, ,small size and ultra Precision.
  2. With Standard winding
  3. High stability and Strong construction.
  4. Easy installation


  1. Range of nominal resistance: 50Ω
  2. Resistance tolerance  ±5%
  3. Frequency range: 0~2GHz
  4. Standing wave ratio: 1.2~1.3
  5. Insulation resistance≥: 1GΩ
  6. Withstand voltage: 500V/1 mm (Substrate thickness)
  7. Rated power: 500W (70°C)
  8. Temperature range: -55°C~+165°C
  9. Temperature shock:  (-55°C/+125°C, 3 times)ΔR≤±5%R
  10. Moisture proof: (GJB306A-96-Method106)ΔR≤±5%R
  11. Vibration: (10-500HZ, 0.75mm, 6h)ΔR≤±3%R, No mechanical damage
  12. Test at low temperature: (-55°C, 24h) ΔR≤±5%R
  13. Load life: (96)ΔR≤±5%
  14. Collision: ΔR≤±3%R
  15. Terminal strength(10N,5S): No loose and fall off
  16. Solderability(240℃,3s)
  17. Tin layer covering area of 95%


  1. 1 X Stripline Coupler Resistor 50Ω (500W)
Part Number NA
Weight (KG) 0.012000
Manufacturer Made in China
Resistance Value (Ohm) 50 Ohm
Power Rating 500W
Tolerance 5%
Temperature Range (Min) -55°C
Temperature Range (Max) 125°C
Diameter NA
Length NA
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