Spartan-3E Xilinx FPGA Core3S250E Board

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Spartan-3E Xilinx FPGA Core3S250E Board
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  1. Onboard 1pcs XCF02S
  2. Integrated FPGA basic circuit, such as clock circuit
  3. Onboard nCONFIG button, RESET button, 4 x LEDs
  4. All the I/O ports are accessible on the pin headers
  5. Onboard JTAG debugging/programming interface
  6. 2.54mm header pitch design, suitable for being plugged-in your application system


  1. IC: XC3S250E
  2. Operating Frequency: 50MHz
  3. Operating Voltage: 1.15V~3.3V
  4. Package: QFP144
  5. I/Os: 80
  6. LEs: 250K
  7. RAM: 216kb
  8. DCMs: 4
  9. Debugging/Programming: supports JTAG


 pin diagram

  1. XC3S250E:the XILINX Spartan-3E FPGA
  2. AMS1117-3.3, 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. AMS1117-2.5, 2.5V voltage regulator
  4. AMS1117-1.2, 1.2V voltage regulator
  5. XCF02S, onboard serial FLASH memory, for storing code
  6. Power indicator
  7. LEDs
  8. FPGA initialization indicator
  9. Reset button
  10. nCONFIG button: for re-configuring the FPGA chip, the equivalent of power reseting
  11. Power switch
  12. 50M active crystal oscillator
  13. 5V DC jack
  14. JTAG interface: for debugging/programming
  15. FPGA pins expander, VCC, GND and all the I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
  16. LED jumpers


  1. User Manual.


  1. 1 X Spartan-3E Xilinx FPGA Core3S250E Board
Part Number NA
Weight (KG) 0.020000
Manufacturer Xilinx
Model Number Spartan-3E Xilinx FPGA Core3S250E Board
Voltage (V) 1.15~3.3
Power NA
Processor Core3S250E
Frequency NA
Memory 216 KB
Operating System Xilinx ISE 12 - supports Winxp/Win7, doesn't support Win8
Temperature Range (Min) -40°C
Bluetooth Interface No
Interface NA
Size (mm) NA
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