Phase Angle Trigger Module AFM11

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Phase Angle Trigger Module AFM11
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This AFM11 single phase or phase-to-phase trigger module uses variable phase angle control with adjustable signal matching, integral current limit input and adjustable soft start. The pulse train output is reliable, powerful and universally applicable to resistive or inductive loads. The AC input supply transformer (optional extra) is remote for increased reliability and wide operational voltage capability. Adjustable current limit allows feedback control and via a few external parts, this can give voltage or speed control of AC or DC loads. The module is fully enclosed for safety and eligibility in industrial environments.


  1. Single phase or phase-to-phase use
  2. Fires triacs & thyristors up to 480V AC
  3. Resistive & inductive, ac/dc loads
  4. Adjustable soft-start
  5. Adjustable current limit
  6. Voltage control or 4-20mA current loop
  7. Pulse train firing via remote power transformer
  8. Low power consumption
  9. Fires triacs or thyristors up to 480V AC
  10. Consumes under 2 watts
  11. Status (LED) indication


  1. Signal span minimum: 0 to 2.5Vdc
  2. Signal span maximum: 0 to 25Vdc
  3. Signal zero offset: 0 to 50% of span
  4. Signal input resistance: 5000Ω ±20%
  5. Trigger pulse height: 8V open circuit
  6. Trigger pulse rating: 250mA in to 10Ω
  7. Trigger isolation Voltage: 2500Vrms
  8. Trigger shorted output: Protected
  9. Aux. output (Nom): 5Vdc @ 20mA protected
  10. Thyristor line voltage: 110-480Vrns @ 50/60Hz
  11. Manual potentiometer: 2KΩ, 5KΩ, 10KΩ
  12. Limit feedback input: 0.6-30Vdc
  13. Soft-start: 0-20 seconds
  14. Storage temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  15. Operating temperature: 0°C to +75°C


  1. Datasheet.


  1. 1 X Phase Angle Trigger Module AFM11
Part Number NA
Weight (KG) 1.000000
Manufacturer United Automation
Voltage (Min) NA
Voltage (Max) 55
Output Voltage NA
Power NA
Current (A) 20m
Frequency 50/60Hz
Load Cell (kg) NA
Output Type Digital
Range NA
Temperature Range (Min) -20°C
Operating System NA
Resistance Value (Ohm) NA
Baud Rate NA
Interface NA
Num of Pin's NA
Diameter NA
Size (mm) NA
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