Paron: Conductive Silver Paste/Conductive Ink (100g) - Paron-910A

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Product Description

Paron-910A Conductive Silver Paste for Membrane Switch and Flexible circuitry.

Physical Properties:

Solid content: 58 ± 2.0wt.%
Viscosity: 25 ± 5 poise
F.O.G: < 10μm
Specific gravity: 1.8±0.2 g/cc


Has a good printing properties
The cured silver paste is very compact and has a good surface hardness, which gives good electrical conductivity and wear resistance.
The main feature of this silver paste is low resistance, excellent print linearity
Excellent elasticity and excellent adhesion to polyester film

Storage and shelf life

The silver paste must be stored in the open air-conditioned refrigerator or room temperature of 20 DEG C, keep indoor dry, avoid direct sunlight; in our recommended storage conditions, silver paste for a period of 6 months (from the date of production).
Part Number Paron-910A
Weight (KG) 0.100000
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