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MyActuator: High Precision Servo Actuator Module RMD-X8 PRO V2 1:9 - A00085

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Technical specifications

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减速机速比(Reducer ratio)    9 : 1
输入电压(input voltage) V 24-48
 最大空载转速 (No -load Speed) rpm 160 @48V
额定转速 (Nominal Speed) rpm 122
额定电流(Nominal current) A 5
额定功率(Norminal power) W 166
额定扭矩 (Nominal torque) N.M 13
电机效率(motor efficency) % 77%
线电阻(resistance) 0.54
接线方式(wire connect)   Y
相间电感(Phase to phase inductance) mH 0.28
转速常数(Speed constant) rpm/v 30
扭矩电流常数(Torque constant) N.M/A 2.6
轴向负载 (Axial direction payload) N.M 985
径向负载(Radial direction payload) N.M 1250
转子惯量(Rotor inertia) gc㎡ 3400
极对数(Number of pole pairs)   20
电机重量( Motor weight) g 710
环境温度 (Environment  temperature) (-20 ~ 55 ℃)
减 速 箱 背 隙 (Backlash) A r c  m in  
Part Number RMD-X8 PRO 1:9 || A00085
Manufacturer MY ACTUATOR
Packing Unit 1 Piece
Product Availability Available on Demand
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