Mini AVR Atmel Microcontroller Development Board

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ISP ATMEGA16/ATmega32 Minimum AVR Development Board





1) 32 I/O pins all leads.
2) Classic ATmega16 minimum system, eliminating the need for soldering trouble
3) Crystal: The welding socket hole, the convenience of buyers to replace the crystal
4) Support chip: ATmega16 / ATmega32 chip and pin-compatible with the above chip
5) Power supply: mains adapter or external expansion connector pin power supply (not support ISP download interface, power supply, using USB ASP programming ATmega16 / ATmega32 chip and pin-compatible with the above please chip DC 5V jack to the minimum system alone supply or can not burn.)
6) DC-005 Power Block (supporting the transposon is 5.5 * 2.1)
7) external expansion 4 VCC, GND
8) Reset: power-on reset and reset button
9) Power indicator (D1) and the program running lights (D2)
10) Standard ISP download interface, by using our shop 51 / avr Downloader to easily download the program to achieve the minimum system (board needs a separate power supply, the power supply does not support ISP download interface)

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