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K-Type Thermocouple Sensor 500mm 600℃ for MAX6675

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K-Type Thermocouple Sensor (3 X 15 X 1000)


  1. Wire length: 0.5m wire
  2. Temperature range: 0 ~ 600 ℃
  3. Insulation: Glass fiber outer stainless steel braided metal shield
  4. Wire core material: Nickel - chromium alloy
  5. Color-coded: red for the positive / blue are negative.
  6. Material is silver-plated copper.
  7. Good thermal conductivity.
  8. Can accurately measure surface temperature.


  1. 1 X K-Type Thermocouple Sensor (3 X 15 X 500)
Part Number NA
Manufacturer Made in China
Weight (KG) 0.000440
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