Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch 2-wire NO, 12mm - LJ12A3-4-J/EZ

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  • Power supply voltage: 90-250VAC 
  • Detection distance: 4mm (effective detection distance 0-4mm) 
  • Load current: 400MA (no more than) 
  • Output Type: AC Second line 
  • Output Status: normally open (NO) 
  • Detection of objects: metal materials 
  • Product Material: Metal parts: copper
  • plastic parts: PBT 
  • External Lead: 1.2 meters (standard, and the other according to customer requirements) 
  • Output indication: LED (red) 
  • Overall Specifications:
    • Diameter: 12MM   
    • Thread Length: 40MM   
    • Overall Length: 60MM
Part Number LJ12A3-4-J/EZ
Weight (KG) 0.100000
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