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HobbyKing SS Series Brushless Speed Controller (190-200A ESC)

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HobbyKing SS Series Brushless Speed Controller (190-200A ESC)

The HobbyKing SS series comes with a range of programming functions whilst being designed for plug & play use. This speed controller can be used straightaway without any complicated programming or you can change the settings very simply using your transmitter thottle stick.The HobbyKing SS series has several self protection features including low voltage, thermal, stalled motor and loss of signal cut-offs. They also have auto advance timing set as standard which suits just about all the standard types of out-runner motors on the market today.


  1. High performance microprocessor
  2. High RPM - Up to 210,000RPM (2 poles)
  3. Smooth linear throttle response
  4. Unique circuit design, strong anti-interference
  5. Low voltage cut-off protection
  6. Overheating protection
  7. Auto shut down when signal lost
  8. Easy throttle range calibration
  9. TX programing options


  1. Max Current: 190A
  2. Burst: 200A
  3. LiPoly: 2-6 cells
  4. BEC: None
  5. Voltage Cut Off: 2.8V, 3.0v and 3.2v per cell Lipo 

Default settings:

  1. Brake off
  2. Lipoly battery
  3. Low voltage 3V per cell
  4. Standard rotation
  5. Auto timing
  6. Soft start
  7. Helicopter off
  8. Frequency 8kHz
  9. Low voltage-decrease power

Programming options:

  1. LiPoly/Nimh-Nicad
  2. No brake and 3 brake settings
  3. Reverse rotation
  4. 2 x Voltage cut-off settings
  5. 2 x Low voltage settings
  6. 3 x Timing settings + auto
  7. PWM options
  8. 2 x Helicopter modes


  1.  Datasheet.


  1. 1 X HobbyKing SS Series Brushless Speed Controller (190-200A ESC)
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Manufacturer HobbyKing
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