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Environment Monitoring Air Flow Sensor ENVIROMUX-AFM

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Environment Monitoring Air Flow Sensor ENVIROMUX-AFM

The Enviromux-Afm air flow monitor provides a simple but reliable alternative to indicate positive or negative air flow of fans.when properly installed and connected in series with an optical or audible signaling device,a bi-directional switch will activate an electrical contact if the air flow of the fans stops, thus either turning the signaling device on or off.


  1. Reliable mechanical solution for monitoring air flow.
  2. Reacts to any condition causing insufficient flow of air such as malfunctioning cooling fan, increased friction, or physical blockage.
  3. Ideal for direct monitoring of a cooling fan, HVAC duct, or under a raised floor.
  4. Switch contact is closed when air flow is >8.2 ft/s.
  5. Connection: 2x single strand AWG26, length 18 in.
  6. Maximum cable length: 1000 ft (305m)
  7. Regulatory approvals: RoHS


  1. Contact Type: Reed / Magnetic Contact
  2. Switch Contact: Switch Contact Closed when there is Sufficient air flow.
  3. Maximum Switching: 60VDC
  4. Maximum Switching: 170mA DC
  5. Power: 10W
  6. Max Air Flow: 50M/Sec
  7. Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 Centigrade.


  1. Datasheet.


The air-flow monitor can be used in combination with optical or audible signaling devices (such as LED or alarms),or remote monitoring devices. It should be Connected:

  1. In Series directly with the signaling device itself,if the power of the connected device does not exceed the electrical rating of the Enviromux-Afm.
  2. To the pilot switch side of a relay, if the signaling device to be switched exceeds the electrical ratings of the Enviromux-Afm and needs to be switch Via relay.


  1. 1 X Environment Monitoring Air Flow Sensor ENVIROMUX-AFM 
Part Number NA
Weight (KG) 0.100000
Manufacturer NTI
Voltage (Min) NA
Voltage (Max) 60V
Power 10W
Current (A) 170m
Display Resolution (Pixels) NA
Frequency NA
Output Type Digital
Range 50m/sec
Temperature Range (Min) -20°C
Measurement Time NA
Sensor Type Air Flow Sensor
Baud Rate NA
Interface 2 X AWG26
Size (mm) 34X17.5X7.5mm
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