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DMSTM-L Type STM32 Embedded Development Board with STM32F103RCT6

Quantity: 5
  • The core chip uses STM32F103RCT6, 256KB Flash, 48KB SRAM, external 8MHZ crystal oscillator;
  • Professional teachers lead the development, a new upgraded version V3.0, supporting ST official training video tutorials, a good helper for learning:
  • Integrated USB download module, one USB cable for power supply and download, no need to use JLINK, support WIN 8.1;
  • Boot settings are flexible, use toggle switches to avoid inconvenience caused by jumpers, and the settings are efficient and convenient;
  • All 10 ports are open, led out by group, marked with PCB board in detail, easy to expand and easy to use;
  • USB power supply is used by default, and an external 5V power supply can be selected to provide an interface and a power output port:
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator chip AMS1117-3.3, which also provides a 3.3V output interface;
  • Designed with protection Self-recovery fuse for USB devices, 500mA self-recovery;
  • Support TFT touch screen expansion, optional 2.8-inch or 3.2-inch TFT touch screen, official support of Xinchuang Electronic Technology;
  • Integrating 4 independent patch keys, which can realize input Control;
  • Integrating NRF24L01 wireless radio frequency interface, which can realize 2.4G wireless data communication;
  • Integrated DS18B20 temperature sensor interface;
  • Integrated integrated infrared receiving 1838 interface, with infrared remote control can realize infrared communication;
  • Using 32.768KHZ clock crystal oscillator imported from Japan, there is no crash, and RTC battery power supply seat is provided at the same time;
  • Integrating RS232 communication interface, using serial port UART2, and leading out DB9 after conversion by MAX3232;
  • Integrated RS485 communication interface, use UART3; lead out after conversion by MAX485;
  • Integrate the CAN communication interface, which is converted and exported by TJA1050, and provides intercommunication source programs;
  • Integrated 8-bit bright LED lights, which can be turned off or turned on physically:
  • Integrating 2x10 JTAG emulation and 1x3 SWD emulation interface, free and flexible choice of debugging tools;
  • Internally integrated 12-bit ADC and dual-channel 12-bit DAC, which can sample analog signals and output analog signals;
  • Support multi-channel PWM output, provide 7-channel PWM output demonstration program:
  • Support external reset:
Part Number DMSTM-L STM32F103RCT6
Weight (KG) 0.050000
Packing Unit 1 Piece
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