Digilent: Zybo Pmod Pack - 240-081

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The Zybo Pmod Pack was designed to complement features of the Zybo Z7 FPGA, allowing users to expand project possibilities by utilizing a variety of peripheral modules! The Zybo Pmod Pack includes the Pmod BT2, Pmod ALS, Pmod TMP3, Pmod RTCC, and the Pmod OLED.


  • Pmod ALS: Ambient Light Sensor
  • Pmod BT2: Bluetooth Interface
  • Pmod OLED: 128x32 Pixel Monochromatic OLED Display
  • Pmod RTCC: Real-time Clock/Calendar
  • Pmod TMP3: Temperature Sensor
Part Number 240-081
Manufacturer Digilent
Weight (KG) 0.010000
Packing Unit 1pc
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