Cole-Parmer: Digital Refractometer, 0 - 85% Brix, 1.3330 - 1.5100 RI - EW-81150-55

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  • Rugged design is IP65 rated
  • Easy calibration for precise results at all times
  • No more worrying about temperature fluctuations with built-in ATC
These digital refractometers feature an LCD, eliminating reading errors with common handheld refractometers. All models feature built-in automatic temperature compensation (ATC) which removes temperature fluctuations allowing the user to concentrate on the measurements. The compensation range is 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C).
Many range options are available for measurements within any application. All models also feature a zero% adjust with distilled water, allowing for immediate and easy calibration for precise measurements at all times. The battery life for these units is ≥5000 readings.

Specifications & Description

Min Brix Range (%) 0
Max Brix Range (%) 85
Min Refractive Index 1.333
Max Refractive Index 1.51
Max Temperature (° F) 104
Min Temperature (° F) 32
Resolution 0.1 (Brix), 0.0001 (RI)
Accuracy ±0.5 (Brix), ±0.0003 (RI)
Temperature Accuracy ±1°F (±0.5°C)
Response Time (Sec) 3
Max Temperature Compensation (° F) 104
Min Temperature Compensation (° F) 41
Sample Volume (mL) 0.3
Display Type LCD
Battery Type AAA
Length (in) 5 45/64
Height (in) 1 1/2
Width (in) 2 19/32
Part Number EW-81150-55
Packing Unit 1pc
Product Availability In Stock
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