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Bosch: Chinese Keyboard LCD Display with DS7400 Wired Alarm Host - DS-7447V3-CHI

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Quantity: 1
  • Dual-line LCD display includes zone, user and zone names
  • Chinese character display includes dedicated function keys for common commands including Status Indication
  • (Armed)/Alarm, Ready to Arm, Power and Fire Indicators are all clearly visible
  • Self-locking base , easy to install


Basic Skills:

DS7447V3-CHI Chinese keyboard is an Option bus compatible device. Each keyboard has user-adjustable options, including volume and brightness. DS7447V3-CHI can display two lines of system messages for all zones. This keypad is required for local programming of the alarm panel.


The keypad uses words, numbers, and symbols to display the status of the security system. When multiple events occur, the keyboard displays each event in order of priority. Each keyboard has 10 numeric keys and 13 function keys. When these keys are pressed, the keyboard backlight turns on and a key tone (short beep) sounds. Function keys include programmable function keys and keys for triggering defense and bypass with a single key press.


Adjustable volume and brightness

Allows users to adjust non-alarm volume, display brightness and display contrast with simple keystrokes.


Status Indicator

Status lights on the keyboard allow users to quickly see and understand system status.

360 screenshot 20190304103621884.jpg

360 screenshot 20190304103653873.jpg


Installation Precautions Install in a dry indoor location.
Option bus interface A compatible control panel provides power and data communications to the keypad via a four-wire connection.
Enclosure and wiring

The sliding self-locking housing has a built-in bubble level and is equipped with custom gap-free, lift-gate terminal blocks for easy installation.


quantity components
1 keyboard
1 hardware package
1 Installation guide


Technical specifications
size 158mm x 120mm x 26mm
weight 0.32 kg

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin (ABS)

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)

display window Dual line display
indicator light

Illuminated buttons

Status Indicator

Warning and indicator tones


Environmental requirements
Relative humidity

5% to 94% at +32°C, non-condensing

Temperature (working) 0°C to +50°C


Power requirements

Standby current: 65 mA

Alarm current: 100 mA

Voltage (input) Rated 12 VDC


Terminal wiring size 1.02 mm to 0.65 mm
Option bus routing

Maximum distance - conductor size (unshielded conductors only): 305 meters – 0.65 mm


Alarm host  DS7400XI-CHI





Ordering information
DS7447V3-CHI Chinese character keyboard
Option bus

The Chinese character display provides volume control, display brightness control and 3 programmable emergency buttons.

Order number  DS7447V3-CHI
Part Number DS-7447V3-CHI
Manufacturer Bosch
Weight (KG) 0.350000
Packing Unit 1 Piece
Product Availability In Stock
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