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Altera CPLD EPM3128 Development Board - EPM3128ATC100

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On-board resources:

  • The main chip adopts Altera's cost-effective and low-power CPLD: EPM3128ATC100;

  • The development board adopts USB power supply, and the no-load current is 0.08 A±10%;

  • I/O port output level form: 3.3V TTL

  • Welding 50MHz active crystal oscillator

  • Welding GCLK1 for global clock

  • All CPLD chip pins are led out to facilitate user input and output

  • There is 1 power interface: USB interface

  • 1 power switch; 9 , 1 red power indicator light, easy to watch whether the power supply of the circuit board is normal

  • 1 reset switch

  • 8 independent buttons

  • 4 dial switch

  • 1 JTAG interface, you can download logic programs

  • 8 LED status indicators

  • 4 digital tubes

  • 1 LCD1602 interface (3.3V)

  • 1 buzzer

  • 1 PS/2 interface

  • 1 serial port

  • All I/O ports are led out, which is convenient for users to carry out secondary development

  • 1 USB cable, used for power supply of the development board

  • 1 serial cable, used for serial communication

  • 4 unsoldered 2×11 dual-row pins with 2.54mm pitch, users can choose the welding method according to their needs (some users need to solder the dual-row pins on the front of the circuit board, but some users need to use the dual-row The pins are soldered on the back of the circuit board)

  • 1 x DVD disc, containing: Quartus II 9.0 software

  • 1 x VCD disc, containing: 1 instruction manual, 1 verification logic program for all functional modules on the board, USB-Blaster (Altera) downloader 1 user manual, 1 datasheet for MAX3000A series chips, 1 datasheet for optional modules, and several Verilog classic books


Shipping list:

  • Development board

  • USB power cord

  • Serial cable

  • Board information (send to mailbox)

  • Quartus II 9.0 (distributed to Baidu Netdisk)

Part Number EPM3128ATC100
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